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Saturday, 06 March 2021
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Neuros Android Tablet  
Friday, 08 October 2010
Neuros Axon Tablet

Today, at work, I received the new Android tablet that Neuros Technology is selling. I had a multi-screen convergence project I was working on that needed a tablet, and we were scrambling to get a decent Android tablet to show it on. So, last week we got a bunch to try. We ended up using something which is really sweet, but I can not talk about it as it is not in the market yet.

Meanwhile, we tried out the Augen, Archos 7, and I ordered Neuros', which did not come in until today. I did not like the Augen at all for reasons already covered well elsewhere. The Archos looks and feels quite nice, but I had issues with the responsiveness of the screen and does not support rotation and orientation. Well, this Neuros one has a good screen, and it is very inexpensive. For the money spent, it is not only good value but actually usable - well, for certain apps. It is not good at all for video playback, but for light web browsing, photos, music, it is decent. It ought to work quite well as a remote control for DLNA, XBMC, Boxee, etc. I will try to use it as a DLNA controller for a new Samsung TV we got at work. Of course, given the cost, construction quality is not great, but I wish it had a kickstand like the Archos. My work has these cell phone holders that look like Barbie doll beach chairs, which I have found works fine as a substitute (and replaceable unlike inbuilt cheap plastic).

There is a neat app that it comes with called Magic Album, that makes a nice side-table, companion-device-like experience. It comes with a very slim App Market because it is not allowed to use the Google Market, of course. That made me wonder about the AppsLib market I found on the Archos, and what options there are in general. Well, AppsLib only works on Archos and AndSpot is a limited beta. I am trying out SlideME, but I need to get a microSD card as it does not work without it. In particular, I am interested to try Subsonic on it for use with my personal music collection.

So, yeah, if you are looking for an inexpensive but usable Android tablet, then I recommend it except if you want to do much video playback.