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Saturday, 06 March 2021
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Interesting finds at CES 2011  
Monday, 10 January 2011

Last week, I attended #CES through my work. Here are some of the interesting things I found:

  1. Vidtonic - homebrew/DIY Android-powered TV panel kit
  2. Recon Instruments - sports goggles with GPS and display functionality, Bluetooth video coming soon
  3. AR.Drone - remote control helicopter (actually, quadricopter) using an iPhone, but wait, there's more! The iPhone app is also a viewfinder to the onboard camera, and the app overlays a shootem-up video game!
  4. Cideko and Dexatek - after new Apple TV and Google TV failed to provide an fully open TV app platform, on Facebook I lamented that I just want a very simple box running Android with network and HDMI out. I found one online from a Chinese company named "HD Digital Technology" a.k.a HDX1080.com and ordered one, but they failed to send it. Cideko, Sony, and at least one other showed such little TV app boxes - nothing for sale yet, just prototypes and concepts.
  5. Wireless Media Stick - not exactly sure what it is or how it works. I asked the guy at the booth, and he said "it's just like it sounds; it's a wireless media stick!"Okaaay... :-) It is a little USB stick/dongle/thumb-drive device that looks to the host like just any old USB memory stick with files. Except it does not actually have files on it. It has Wi-Fi, and exposes your file server, PC, smartphone, or tablet's media as a virtual file system to the device into which it is plugged such as a game console, Blu-ray player, or newer TV. 
  6. Keytec OPTIR - turn any flat panel display into a touch screen. For example, you can get one for 46" for less than $1000. It is a modular frame of IR transmitters and sensors that wraps the frame of your existing panel.