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Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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libraw1394 v2.0.0 released  
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

FireWire logoAnother new release I made is libraw1394 v2.0.0. This is the primary user space library to the FireWire/IEEE 1394 subsystem on Linux. If you are using a recent Linux distribution, you might have run into some problems with the introduction of a new kernel subsystem, code name "juju." Officially, it is named "firewire" while the legacy but arguably more stable (due to maturity) subsystem is named "ieee1394."

If you use Fedora 7 or newer, since Red Hat sponsored this subsystem rewrite, you already have a compatible libraw1394. However, most other distributions that converted over to firewire have failed to update libraw1394 to the "juju" branch. Some distributions enable both subsystems leading to more confusion.

I made this new, official version of libraw1394 work with either subsystem transparently to the user. All you need to continue to do is to be mindful of the correct permissions to your related /dev nodes. For ieee1394, this is /dev/raw1394. For firewire, one of the features is more granular security, you can just give read/write access to the appropriate /dev/fwN node that corresponds to your camera or other video device -- if you can figure out which one that is. ;-) Please file a bug with your distribution to upgrade libraw1394!