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Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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MLT 0.3.2 released  
Thursday, 04 December 2008

In my last post about MLT, I mentioned that its release coincided with the completion of a commercial project. From April to July, I developed a broadcast playout server called Orion for C4IP Broadcast Innovation, whose first customer is Netherland's SLAM!FM's new television channel, SLAM!TV. Somes you can view the channel on this link. This system utilizes my (non-free) BlueFish444 SDI output module for MLT. This version of that module now supports embedded audio - embedded in the SDI stream, that is. Other interesting things about it is that the video server daemon uses the Ruby bindings for MLT and Ext JS for the web UI. Well, I could go on quite a bit about it, but I want to make a demo video for that.

kdenlive screenshotJust as exciting, this 0.3.2 release coincides with the 0.7.0 release of kdenlive, which has been rewritten for Qt 4 and KDE4 technologies. I want to thank its lead developer, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle, for all of his hard work. He really outdid himself!

Both of these projects have really pushed the limits of MLT exposing problems that have been addressed. The resolution to these inspires a lot of confidence about the ability to handle new problems and address shortcomings. It is really nice to have turned the corner to spending the majority of my effort now on MLT and not Kino. It is also nice to work again with other developers on a video editor instead of soloing on Kino. While Jean-Baptiste and I have shouldered the hard, code-level work, we have attracted a number of contributors and not just on the code, but also things like testing, support, and web site maintenance. Not to mention, we get to rely on the hard efforts of people working on Qt, KDE, FFmpeg, LADSPA, Sox, frei0r, and surely others - this project really is a great culmination of the many top projects and frameworks that the Free/Open Source Software movement has to offer.